New vehicles: Inbus models

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New vehicles: Inbus models

Postby scania_cn94ub » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:22 pm


I noticed that many Inbus models miss from the list, i.e. some of the FT models (U210-FT, S210-FT), the urban and suburban versions of the articulated bus (AU280-FT, AS280-FT) and the I240 interurban model.

I would like also to make you notice that the AID280-FT is not a chassis, but a model.
Chassises are Siccar 176, Siccar 177, Siccar 177/4 and so on, with a code after it identifying the configuration (LU = "long urban", 12 m; LS = "long suburban", 12 m; NU = "normal urban", 10 m; AS = "articulated suburban", 17.5 m; ...).

Please can you add the above mentioned models and make some order in the model list of Inbuses?

Thank you in advance.

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