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Posted: 05 May 2013, 01:44
by gkonig

I'm trying to translate parts of TWB to Portuguese using Polish and English or Polish and German or Polish. Still, I have no idea what an author of some terms wanted to describe, e.g.:
- "Electric" - "Prąd",
- "Allowed Extensions" and many more. Don't we need a context of use of these terms to translate it properly?

Also, the Polish part of TWB uses sentences in "impolite", "direct" "you" form while Russian and German use the polite ("Sie", "вы") versions. Does it make any difference

More, the English and German versions don't use any "a"/"an", "ein/e" etc. Should I do the same with Port.?

And last but not least, do we really need repetition of some terms, e.g. "add engine"? If so, what are the importance of the different use of the terms?

Re: Translations

Posted: 05 May 2013, 20:32
by decomposed05
Electric - Elektryczny
Allowed extensions - Dozwolone rozszerzenia (chodzi o pliki).

Polite / unpolite - as you wish.

About repetition - check in Polish if translation is the same... Possibly it is just duplicate.